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Oversellers And Your Site
« on: December 14, 2009, 02:44:14 AM »
In the web hosting industry to describe a situation in which a company provides hosting plans that are unsustainable if every one of its customers uses the full extent of services advertised. The term is usually referred to the web space and bandwidth transfer allowance. A hosting company may offer unlimited space and unlimited Bandwidth; however, they put other restrictions in place such as CPU usage or File limits. They may have onerous restrictions and one-sided contracts that let them cancel the hosting of anybody that puts a strain on their system or fully uses their claimed allotments.

After looking at the over sellers marketing concept. Some points are crystal clear.
#1 Limits on CPU usage
#2 Limits on Bandwidth
#3 Limits on File amount
#4 Limits on EXT. Types

If one scans to the conversation with oversellers Board. You can see this concept in “Full Bloom”.

How does this affect you?
From a previous post we understand how shared hosting with MYSQL\PHP based sites.
The lower selling price that are offered by over sellers. Must also be understood and viewed as a whole when oversellers are concerned.
As a webmaster you must pay a certain amount to use the service provided by your Webhosting Company. This is true for your Provider as well. They must pay server cost if leasing Colo cost of collocating over head cost for worker, building area Ect.

A provider who is selling at a very low cost. Their only option to be able to pay the bills is to host as many clients on a server as possible. Then to create a profit they most host even more an accounts. MYSQL\PHP base sites and or scripts. Are a large part of running your site. From gallerys, online communities and blogs. Those scripts utilize most process on a server.

Imagine you have been working your site for a year. You have finally gained loyal users. Then you discover the hard limits imposed by your provider.  And one day your site is suspended, or even worse they don’t take down any sites and allow all the sites on the servers to lag. MYSQL connections break, very slow loading site. Your users start to complain and or you lose users on a daily bases.
These above situations are the norm with over sellers. For the basic fact they have to sell, and cram as many sites on the server to pay the bills. They sold you on unlimited this and unlimited that.

They forgot to sell you on what’s most important and that is a:
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