Author Topic: If you host my smf forum will it be normally be as fast as this GC forum?  (Read 3195 times)


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My current web site host can vary in performance by 600 %. For instance one day it might take 1 sec to serve a forum page and the next day it might take 6 sec to serve that same page, even with 0 network traffic.

Right now , this smf forum, GC Solutions, is serving pages to me in about a second. If I switch hosting to GC Solutions can I expect a 1 sec delivery time for a normal page? I would be very happy with a 1 sec delivery time if it was the normal time.


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 This site does lay on a G.C. Solutions server. However if you can give me a little bit more info about how many concurrent users you have on your site for lets say a 15min span. I can give you some forums that have the same amount of users so as you may check out there operational response.
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