Author Topic: After SMF move to new host, the Attachments and Avatars won't display!  (Read 6496 times)


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For those of you who use SMF for forums and may be moving them to GC (or a new host), here's a FYI for you:

After I moved my site to GC, my members complained that Avatars and Attachments (jpg, png etc.) were not showing up in the forum.  After considerable research, here's what the problem was:

I used FILEZILLA to FTP the old site to the new site...which by default, FileZilla is enabled to transfer data in AUTO MODE. This means the software would analyze the file and automatically determine if it's ASCII or BINARY data (usually by reading the file's extension, (.txt .jpg etc.) ). Because SMF encrypts it's attachments, it has no extension attached, resulting in your BINARY attachments being transferred as ASCII text data. Not good.

So, regardless of FTP program you use, make sure you transfer the Attachments and Avatars in BINARY MODE, otherwise they may not display in your SMF forum after a move.

P.S. - For more info, go to the Simple Machines forum and search "filezilla". There's a 4 page thread discussing the overriding of AUTO mode....with the possibility of transferring all data using the binary mode. Apparently Binary mode doesn't affect the ASCII files like the way ASCII mode affects Binary files.   We all like auto modes because it's easy, but it all comes back to FTP basics in the long run.   Good luck! :)